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After 3 Years of creating Stuff for roleplayers in Medieval and GOR setting , a small Store called Aresmee, which is my Store to participate in the Perfect Wardrobe EVENT and a Shapeshop @ Marketplace , i`ve decided to open a Store in a bigger dimension. Yes it is for „Mainstream“ SL and yes i am trying my best to do QUALITY STUFF.



The Gates were open on 23rd Decembre 2012..

I`ve released a few Things so Far.


Official Blog – (GANG/COLD)

Or TP to the MAinstore :p




The Mamba Woman

2 Days ago i talked to AinaraLuas, the Owner of Luas in the Game „SecondLife“.

She released an amazing Outfit for Slaves and also for Mambas.


Skin: BodyGossip Felicia + Liplayer of BodyCo. Chocolata

Warpaint: [TWEE].

Tattoo: Luck Inc.

Tits: Lolas! :::Tango::: NEW (LOVE THEM)

Hair: Boon

Ears: Mandala


Hood: !XtraX!

SkullNecklace, Armbands,left Legwrap, StomachWrap, Bracelets: [Rude] Designs

Loincloth, ChestFur, Gloves,  right Legwrap: LUAS ODISEA BLACK

long Necklace: N*Creations

Pose: Olive Juice- The Huntress for EPOCH (from EPOCH event. not sure if still avaible)

Location: Home of Damu Hekalu Mambas (it is a GOREAN ROLEPLAY SIM)



I decided to join a Mamba Tribe. I was active in Gorean Roleplay since over 3 Years and now i have to say, that is the best role ever. the background is much more interesting than others.

following informations are gathered and written by People who know, what they are doing!!!!! ( so not by myself LOl)


„The disciplined and dignified social structure of a Mamba homestead (umuzi) is captivating for visitors who may come witness to it without falling enemy to the flesh eaters. Customs pertaining to food and the brewing of paga, ancestoral worship and places of burial, the dress code for men, women and children, the subservience of the female mate, the role of the traditional healer (inyanga), the importance of a man’s cattle, the system of compensating a father for the loss of his daughter in mating (lobola), courtship, witchcraft and superstitions.“
SO this is how i look at our tribe from a RL angle. we can be compare to Mayans, Inka, Aztec people. also we can be compared like the tribe in AVATAR. haven’t seen it? watch it, there is some comparisons.

I know most of you are also looking for mates and to make families. but you must remember that, that shouldn’t be a 1st Priority. at this moment i’d like for you all to work on a back story, who your character is? what’s his/hers personality? where did you come from? are you from a long line of Damu ancestors? reason why i ask for this is because when we RP each other or others outside of camp, you can make the RP a lot more interesting. 🙂

here is some knowlege about Mamba placement in household and tribe.

for the women:

„Traditionally, women(free or slave) did the cooking and childcare. If chosen as ones mate, she is totally subservient to her mate and has full responsibility for the raising of the children, albeit the men take very active rolls raising their children too. Whether she is mated or daughter, she participates in all household activities such as cooking, cleaning.. teaching. She is not a stranger to hard work. However, in the more prosperous villages, the woman sometimes do less as the families tend to have slaves to do most of the work.

Although the female mate is subservient to her mate and the elder men of their immediate family, she is highly respected by her mate and village for her place in the family. The Mamba woman displays great strength when it comes to wisdom and independence just as the plains women, even moreso. She is arrogant to a degree but does well to remain respectful of man. She is, by no means, anything like the women of the cities. She will almost seem fearless and always full of spirit and might. She, too, like the Mamba male, could be cunning, calculating and fierce.

The Tharlarion people did not believe in collaring their women. The spirit and the fight is challenging to them, a challenge they expect, desire and thrive upon. A female can be harshly punished by way of the whip, work or other means when purposefully insolent to her mate or male elders of her family if it is warranted, but her place in the family is always cherished.

The women’s weakness: Like the exotic flowers that only grow deep within the Schendi jungles, they do well there, but anywhere else, they would fail to thrive therefore can be said to be dangerously fragile. Another reason they are fiercely protected.

„In Gorean mythology, it is said that there was once a war between men and women and that the women lost, and the the Priest-Kings, not wishing the women to be killed, made them beautiful, but as the price of this gift decreed that they, and their daughters, to the end of time, would be the slaves of men.“ -Dancer of Gor, page 352″

so uh be careful ladies! and take note. we are important in the tribe, and very much protected, but also us as woman are ferocious and protective of our selves and our families.

for the men:

„The demeanor of the Mamba male is anything but kind upon the enemy. They are the grim Askari of the jungles. Expressive of a cruelty befitting hell. Vicious, quick, cunning and deceptive are only a few attributes of such males. Most diabolicaly trained Askari who were hellishly fierce protectors of their sacred grounds. It would be asinine to ever believe one of Mamba decent could or would ever be able to survive outside of the jungles, even half bloods. The caliginous depths of the jungle are the Mambas playground, their vice, …. a weapon, in itself… a way of life.

Within the walls of the stockage, few outsiders, save for truly trusted friends, would ever come to see the Mamba male’s more relaxed state. He attends tribal meetings, makes all the important decisions and protects all family and property. He is also the hunter and bringer of food for his family. A man who did „women’s work“ like cooking or cleaning, it was thought of as weak. Some men would rather stay hungry than touch a pot to cook a meal. The only exception is that of the ritual ceremony given when an enemy falls prey to the hands of the flesh eaters. Then it would be the men who prepare the body and it is at most times cooked over a large open pit near the central fire of the village. It is very common that they feast upon raw flesh as well.“

Mamba men are very dominant, well respected, prideful. they are protective over everything. so be toughand basically show NO mercy to your enemy.

There are younger mambas i see in the tribe (have to be 18 ICly to play a young mamba thats teh only age allowed. so if your character is 18 you are considered a young mamba)
here is for the girls (young)
They learn household chores including carrying containers of water on their heads, weaving, beading and the tending to the elders and those younger than they. They also work alongside the women in the homes and learn the dances of their village.

„Within the stockade of the Mamba people there was much light and noise. I could hear the sounds of their musical instruments, and the pounding of their drums. Within the stockade, too, we could hear the chanting of the people and the beating of sticks, carried in the hands of dancers.“ ~ Explorers of Gor

for the boys(young)

They look after the cattle and play at stick fighting which prepares them for when they become of age to train as a warrior. They also learn musical instruments and dances of their choice to participate in village festivities. They help their fathers or older male siblings with chores.

Stick Fighting: The military influence of the Mamba regime is reflected in demonstrations of stick fighting (umshiza), with which the male teenagers and men settle their personal differences in a public duel.
now MEN. you are expected to fight. after all you will all be askrai, BUT under the command of a woman. for now, the role of a male high askrai to command with her is still open, and will be proven under the inkhosi and sangomas eyes to find the best male fighter. here is some interesting facts of what the askarai/men wore.
„The men wear „skins“ that hang from their waists, and the kind of skin indicates the social status. For example, only the royal family and chiefs can wear larl skins. The Mamba warriors wear the tufts of bosks‘ tails around their upper arms and knee joints, supposedly to make them look bigger and more frightening. They also carry leather shields, which tell how experienced a warrior is by how much white is on them. Another interesting fact about their shields are the tufts of fur. When it lays to the bottom, they hunt animal. When it lays to the top, they hunt the flesh of human.“


The same Can go for women. woman even though you are expected to be in the household, you are also expected to fight and gain new roles like the men. though our attire is more regal, yet dark. we do wear less clothing than usual. we wear things such as furs. skeleton pieces, feathers etc. so wear what you have with confidence and don’t try to cover up so much.

These were the entities who lurked high above, obscure with calculating quickness. They gave life to the jungles of the sacred Mamba territory. They lurked.. waited.. watched from the lush, shadowy foliage of the jungle tops. Any moment, raining down in dozens upon unsuspecting intruders. Intruders whose remains might be found in the stockade refuse dump after a ritual ceremony of cannabalistic feast. Beware upon the grounds you wander, once the Askari are upon you, there may be no return. If one is unfortunate to come face to face one, such a grim visage would be seen. Rib cages hang ornamental over there torso like some grisly shield, tribal markings of ebony swirl in contrast to bone powder that artisans their visage in some macabre tradition.


now some small facts that must be followed for interesting rp

is mostly avoided of strangers, as it is thought to be provocative. so be careful at whom you are staring at.

Female mates always walk behind their mates. Female children behind male children. (not like we can have children here anyway)

It is custom at most times that a Mamba always pass an item or artifact to you using their right hand only. The palm of the left hand will be under the right forearm. This custom is significant, and serves to assure you that there are no hidden weapons and you have nothing to fear from them. This custom can also prove to be very misleading to outside visitors who may end up as the evenings meal.

They eat food grown in and above the ground, slaughtered bosk, kills of wildlife brought by the hunters and most importantly, they eat human flesh, as they are the cannibals of Gor. First the men are served, then the women followed by the boys and lastly the girls. The Mamba people some times eat from a common dish. Depending on the type of meal to be consumed, some people still prefer to eat by hand rather than use spoons. The family would sit on grass mats together, eating with their hands from a common bowl at times.

In Mamba culture, general cooking is the domain of women, free or enslaved. The only exception is that of the ritual ceremony given when an enemy falls prey to the hands of the flesh eaters. Then it would be the men who prepare the body and it is at most times cooked over a large open spit near the central fire of the village. It is not uncommon that they feast upon raw flesh as well.Hence the reason for sharpened teeth.

There is an inner area if the stockades in which the cattle are traditionally kept. Cattle are very important to the Mambas, and a large herd is a sign of wealth, status, and power. Not only are cattle important for milk and meat, but also for paying the „lobola“ or dowry for a mate, and as a sacrifice to the spirits of angry ancestors. Without cattle, a man cannot feed himself and his family, get mated, or appease angry spirits!


Mating ,beads dancing and singing

now for family and mating!

Family was extremely important to the Mamba. He choses the one who will be his mate carefully. It is common that this will be the woman he lives his life out with. The woman who will give him a son. Sometimes males will seek the help of the a village Sangoma to help him choose a mate who is seen to be fertile and able to give him a son. Therefor, the female mate is chosen mostly for her fertility, and also for her dowry and beauty.

If the woman he mates only bore him daughters or is found to be barren or unable to give him a son to carry his blood name forth to the next generation, she is looked upon as a lesser woman and if the male chooses such, she can lose her status as his mate and he may take a new mate who is believed able to give him a son. The continuing of his name is very important. The Mamba people believe that if a man dies without a son the history of the family will vanish because the daughters will get mated and leave the family. The implication is that if you have girls only, when you die you will no history behind.

When a man chooses the one who will be his mate, he must pay the woman’s father with cattle. This is to compensate the father for the loss of his daughter. Should the mating not work, which is rare, the father must return some or all of the cattle. The female changes clothes often on her joining day, to show her beauty off in a variety of ways. When joining her mate, he would slaughter a bosk for her and she would put her dowry money within it. She would also give blankets as gifts to his entire family. In return, he pays the „bride price“, traditionally 11 bosks.

When a young man proposes love from a woman, she gives him a gift of betrothal beads as an indication of her acceptance of him. This acceptance is usually followed by lobolo (bride price) by which the young man pays eleven bosks to the woman’s family. See Beads for further information..

this shall be followed as is. and i will explain the beads in a different NC.

now for a mating ceremony!

he Mamba joining ceremony takes many shapes and forms. Usually the ‚bride'(for lack of better word) changes more than three times on her mating day, showing off to her ‚in-laws‘ how beautiful she is in different colors. The ceremony takes place at the temple, and during this time the ‚bride‘ is dressed in white. After temple the ceremony moves to the home of the ‚groom‘. The ‚bride‘ changes into traditional outfit. During the traditional joining the parties from the ‚bride‘ and the ‚groom’s‘ side compete through dance and songs if desired.

During this ceremony the family of the ‚groom‘ slaughters a bosk to show that they accept the ‚bride‘ in their home. The ‚bride‘ puts coins inside the stomach of the bosk while the guest looks on. This is a sign that she is now part of the family. The joining ceremony ends with the ‚bride‘ giving gifts in the form of blankets to her new family, including the extended family. This tradition is called ukwaba. Even the long-deceased family members receive gifts and are represented by the living ones. The spectators ululate, sing, and dance for the family.

this as well will be followed as is, for fun RP.
Beads are the pride of the Mamba nation. Mamba beadwork encompasses a symbolic language that may include reprimands and warnings, messages of love, and encouragement. Different beads carry symbolic meanings that may be used during courtship.

Bead Colors & Meanings
Color Positive Negative
Black Mating, Regeneration Sorrow, Despair, Death
Blue Fidelity, Request Ill Feeling, Hostility
Yellow Wealth, Fertility Thirst, Badness, Withering away
Green Contentment, Domestic Bliss Illness, Discord
Pink High birth or Rank, An Oath, Promise Poverty, Laziness
Red Physical Love, Strong Emotion Anger, Heartache,Impatience
White Spiritual love, purity, virginity

One of the most fascinating manifestations of this traditional craft is its unique language. Every colour has a different meaning and a Mamba women can weave a message of love, grief, jealousy, poverty or uncertainty into her patterned creation. Young Mamba girls, in particular, use the vocabulary of the beads to send sweet (or bitter) thoughts to their loved ones.

The colors and patterns of the beads worn by both mated and unmated women tell a lot, such as if the woman is of mating age, if she is intended, pregnant, or grieving
Dancing & Singing: Dancing and singing is very much a part of the lifestyle of the Mamba people, and each dance formation or movement symbolizes an event or happening within the clan. There is the rhythmical dance of the small shield, the fiery motivation body movements of the hunting dance, the symbolizing of the tidal ebb and flow in the Umbhekuzo, the snakelike motion of the umchwayo and the challenging war dance with traditional shield and spear.


My friend BERTA

My Friend Berta and and her Co-Creator released a while ago thos cute Shoes.

I bet you saw those or have them already. BUTTTT i wanted to show them in an Art,

I tried to do a cool Shoe AD like the pros do. Okay i am not perfect but i like the summery so far.

They come with a cute HUD, so you can change the Colors and Pattern.


Skin: bodygossip. Felicia [Medium Dark]

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (Early Autumn, w2)

Hair: [LeLutka]-MAGDALEN hair – Bournville_01


Breasts: !Lolas! – Push Up ( i guess everyone know, where to get)

Corset and Applier: [GE] Nira Corset BLUE (applier soon)

Skirt: Grixdale – Lazy Denim Skirt – Navy (dark) (not avaible anymore)

Sox: *GF* Button Socks -basic 7- (black) (SALE 50% on all black, orange things)

SHOES: *{ SeVered GarDeN }* Nana Pumps

Pose: Lost Angels


Fall Fete 2012 – 25L Tuesday Anniversary

25L Tuesday’s 3rd Annual FALL FETE 2012
October 23, 2012 – October 31, 2012


2012 will mark the 3rd year of 25L Tuesdays!
Please join us in celebrating this wonderful day, great group of designers, and most importantly YOU – our loyal members!

Alice Blue/Habitation | Aaliyah Imari
BELISSIMA | paty larimore
By Baleigh | Baleigh Garden
C&N Gorean Designs | nuray almodovar
Cynful Designs | Aislynne Melnik
Delicious | Dely Breen & Leire Writer
Dream Things | Pia Uladstron
Dysfunctional Designs | Anke Hatchuk
Fabled | Whispy Karu
Fire Storm Creations | Talton Spiritor
Footpaw Industries | Layla Denver
For F’s Sake! | Cape Weary/Giselle555 Resident
Freya | Tammy Crystal
Gem Designs | Camille Gemini
Gorean Rose | Noemi Azambuja ( co creator Adira Spingflower)
Gor Gurls | Harriet Blaisdale
Gumi’s Flower Shop | Gumi Yao
IMDesigns | Isis Mesmeriser
Luas | AinaraLuas Resident
May’s Soul | May Tolsen
On A Lark | Discovering Destiny
Painfully Divine | Nahtasha Uriza
PeKaS Design | kiradark jigsaw
Persnickety | Grace Loudon
Poliak’s Emporium | Robbyn Poliak
Returned Karma | jada Tigerpaw
Roawenwood | Searlait Nitschke
S&S Designs | Lehna Sahara
Sa-eela | Nenya Eun
Sacre Bleu | bleumoon Praga
Severed Heart | Fellah Resident
Silk & Steel | Lilli Breda & Nixon Kytori
Shabby Chick | Noble Darkwatch
Sweet Kajira | Bronte Denja /iby Niven/ Bronte danitz
Sweet Poison | bella Domela
Sweet Sculpts | Alyena Raine
The Kei-Spot | Keiko Zoon
The Sweet Pea | Cloey Scorfield
The Virgin Harlot | Ceri Kesten
Tiar | atiya baar
TOUGH! | Dely Breen & Leire Writer
Torvis Weapons | Torvis Rainfall
Una | Una daxter
United InshCon | eldowyn Inshan
Virtual Whimsy | Harlow Littleboots and Yasmen Blackburn
Whatz | Titania Halasy
Wild Talender | Mandorla Latte


Tuesday, October 23, 2012 – Wednesday, October 31, 2012 – Ongoing Events
* Special Auction to benefit Kiva: Several of our merchants are joining together to offer a one-of-a-kind or custom made offering. These will be auctioned off where the highest bidder at the end of the event wins.

* Radio Broadcasts: Several radio stations will be joining us to broadcast from the Fall Fête.

* Blogger Previews and Coverage: We have wonderful bloggers lined up to cover the event.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012:
* Shopping shopping shopping! 25LT Round (12:00 AM (Midnight) – 11:49 PM)
October 23, 2012 is kicking off the big week-long event celebrating the 3rd anniversary of 25L Tuesdays with a special sim-wide round!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012:
* Fashion Walk (11:00 AM – 2:00 PM SLT)
Join us as designers will have models located along the Fete path.
Weave in and out of the haunted region and discover the new looks each hour on display.

Thursday, October 25, 2012:
* Haunted Hunt (Begins at 12:00 AM (Midnight) SLT)
This hunt will feature NEW releases for 25 L, will be sim wide and will last the remainder of the week. Stacked pumpkins will be hidden all over the sim, allowing visitors to come and explore Fall Fête while searching for treasures!

Saturday, October 27, 2012:
* Haunted Hunt Continues

Sunday, October 28, 2012:
* Haunted Hunt Continues

* Fashion Walk (6:00PM – 9:00PM SLT)
Join us as designers will have models located along the Fete path.
Weave in and out of the haunted region and discover the new looks each hour on display.

Monday, October 29, 2012:
* Haunted Hunt Continues

Tuesday, October 30, 2012:
* Shopping shopping shopping! 25LT Round (12:00 AM (Midnight) – 11:49 PM)
Our final round of 25L Tuesdays closes the 2nd annual celebration.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012:
* Trick or Treat brought to you by all the 25 L Merchants. Each merchant at the fair will have a cauldron with a treat for you. Go ahead . . . . take the plunge.

* Enchanting Hunt (Ends at 12:00AM (Midnight) SLT )

* October 31 marks the final day of shopping at the 2012 Fall Fete. Enjoy!


Some goodies from the event:

Outfit 1

Skin: *League* Jen Suntan Feline (Cleavage E)

Hair: [LeLutka]-BLAKE hair S – Bournville


Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Pale Mint


Undershirt: [GE] Nele Shirt – Beige

Bow: Primus Sugar Skull Bow

Pouf+Leafs on ground: [RW] Rowenwood *FALL FETE*

Outfit 2

Skin: -Belleza- Lily V1 Tan 19 Cleavage

Hair: [LeLutka]-CHERYL hair – PralineFade

Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Pale Mint

Feet: Slink – Barefeet- Rigged Mesh

Collar: Markz – Iron Collar

Outfit:  [rk] Summer’s Last Stand -brown- *FALL FETE*

Hipscarf: +grasp+/Leopard Hipbag/Black

Pots+Shelf: [DDD]



Skin: *League* Jen Suntan Feline (Cleavage E)

Hair: [LeLutka]-Magdalen- Firetop1. Streaked pack

Outfit: Luas – REBECA *FALL FETE*

Scarf+Belt+Undershirt: Parts of the Mix’N’Match Outfit:

      „[GE] Martha“ + “ [GE] Nele“

Necklace: n-creation white perls pendant


Skin: Lara Hurley Emma- Dark- Natural

Hair: *booN TUN247 hair – Black

Camisk: [GE] Koni White *FALL FETE*

Slave Perch: {RW} Roawenwood *FALL FETE*

Outfit 4

 Skin: Skin: *League* Jen Suntan Feline (Cleavage E)

Hair: Hair: [LeLutka]– Jolie RM hair – Coalmine

Jacket+Hood:  part of „Dark Confessor Outfit“ by Caverna Obscura

Dress: {RW} Esmeralda Dress *FALL FETE*

Boots: MIEL FAR BOOTS – plaid

Blowgun+Pandas: Primus Panda Blowgun & Hearts 2.8 p4

his weapon not only comes with a custom talking panda which you can name, and teach what to say, but also two full featured weapons our Primus blowgun and primus throwing hearts.

Our talkative panda will spit out 7 random sayings to individuals as long as they are within ten meters of you, if you get tired of listening to our talkative panda you can disable him by using the (/1 panda talk) panda talk command.

Change the name of how your panda speaks to people it is quite easy to do follow the example down below:
/1 my pandas name is „your new name“
ex: my pandas name is Thord (now my panda will say „Thord“ before it)

Change what your panda says to people.
/1 panda say „what ever you want him to say goes here“
ex: panda say Thord Karu is my owner (now your panda will randomly say „Thord Karu is my owner“)

We have included a variety of different weight selections with our Slingshot from short rocks to our Lob rocks. Each weight selection will affect how the rocks drops in the distance. The lighter the weight the further the rocks will go on a straighter path. The heavier the rocks the quicker it will drop once shot. When you choose your short or lob rock you can use our /1 weight command to adjust the weight to your preference.

Short Heart Weight – .9 speed
/1 weight (this will toggle through the weights)
Light – This is our least amount of arc banana
Medium – This is a mixture between the light and heavy selections.
Heavy – This rock will arc a great amount, good for short to medium range fighting.

Lob Heart – .9 speed
Lob Heart – Use when lobbing hearts into a camp, over a wall, or if you fighting in hills.
Long Lob Heart – Don’t let the name fool you. It is not a traditional long heart. This is a long lob heart. Great if you want to get way back and make it rain with hearts upon your enemy.

Long Heart – 1.0 speed

Our Primus Pro Series Trigger will not only give you a much smoother and accurate trigger, but will also store one click between each attack. The stored click will than execute at the EXACT legal time. For example: Say you are one of those people that just seem to click a tad bit to early each time. With the advanced algorithm in the weapon we are now able to store that command and execute it at the exact legal time, so you will never be slow on a click attack again. We have now added a on/off switch for this trigger, it is on by default, but now you can turn it off with the command /1 trigger.

****IMPORTANT: Some of the older versions of slave weapons aren’t compatible yet with our Dual-Attachment Protection, Smart Draw and our Advanced Security. They will be, however, within the next few months as updates are completed.*****

We have implemented a new feature that prevents duplicate weapons to be attached to the same spot with the new „add“ features in the popular SL viewers. This is to help with accidental dual-wielding and any abuse that leads to the breaking of sim rules.

Our new Smart Draw will allow you to draw another weapon without sheathing your Primus weapon you had out first. For example: Say you had your slingshot out, simply draw your broom. It will now sheath your slingshot and draw your broom for you. We also have put small PRIVATE text into the draw and sheath commands, no one can see this text but you. It was put there so you can show people if they ever accuse you of dual wielding.

*Please note: I know a lot of you liked to use one key as a toggle, I will take out the smart draw for people if it is something they cant live with out.

Our new advanced security only allows you to attach one weapon from each group. For example: You can only wear one sword, one rock, one slingshot, one blowgun, one bow, one axe, one glaive, one scimitar, one crossbow, etc etc. We did this to not only help people from accidentally attaching two identical weapons, but also for people that were exploiting the new viewer capabilities.

Even though we have are confident the click trigger is the smoothest trigger available we have also added a auto attack, just use the /1 auto command.

and much much more..

afraid to be different

sometimes  : ……………………………

YOLANDE by Knickknack !. YAY

Eyes: IKON IKON Utopia Eyes – Deep Red

Skin: Un | Deux | Trois | – alabaster – Gothic Skins by {alanoctis} NEW

Hair: Lelutka Aphrodite


Dress: KNICKKNACK – Yolande – Brown NEW

Belt: Rude Designs_ from the Female Klepto Outfit in Brown by rufus Darkwatch

Scarf: Tram.

Weapon: Centipede – Radiation Bow 

House: Nordari.

Kumi is out !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so here we are.

Mochi Milena, the owner of „Pink Fuel“ finally foudn time to release a skin, which i am waiting for since mmm at least 1 and a half year.

KUMI !!!!!!!!!!!


So long story short. I am totally into the „BLASIAN“ look, which is more than perfect with this skin. just pick a dark done and wear the noncreased version :P. For those, who don’t know what a Blasian is.

Blasian is a nickname for huys and girls with one asian and one black parent.

I LOVE this. and i wish i would be like this. :/


Kumi is out and the really best of it is , it comes with two eyelidstyles.

One more asian looking and one, which is called creased. So the lid is bigger and liiks more european.

– 8 New Tones: Ivory, Vanilla, Peach, Latte, Hazel, Mocha, Java and Espresso.
– 3-4 Eyebrow color options (depending on the tone): dark, light, brown and red
– Freckle tattoo layer
-18 makeups total (2 per pack)
– Over 30+ Lipsticks on tattoo layers include a variation of mattes, frosts, glazes, and tints. Each lipstick includes a teeth version as well.

– In addition, the „Pure“ makeup includes a „crease“ option which enlarges the upper eyelid to revert it into less of an Asian look if desired.

– The shape featured in the advert is available as well.

9 makeup duos are avaible

/I prefer natural make ups, because it is easier to wear makeuplayers\

u got myself the tones, Ivory,Latte and mocha.

Location:    PINK FUEL

Capua – Bathgirl

Skin: *Glance* – Coco – Choco – Black Brows/Big Bust

Hair: [LeLutka] CoalMine Hairbase + [LeLutka] Ula 2.0 – Burnt

Eyes: [!Sugarhole!] The Criw caught the Dove – The Crow Eyes (SOOOON @ Marketplace)

Jewellery: *Zaara* by Zaara Korahime


Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Royal%20Kingdom/204/17/33

Capua is a german Roman themed roleplay. and it amazes me !!!