Kumi is out !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so here we are.

Mochi Milena, the owner of „Pink Fuel“ finally foudn time to release a skin, which i am waiting for since mmm at least 1 and a half year.

KUMI !!!!!!!!!!!


So long story short. I am totally into the „BLASIAN“ look, which is more than perfect with this skin. just pick a dark done and wear the noncreased version :P. For those, who don’t know what a Blasian is.

Blasian is a nickname for huys and girls with one asian and one black parent.

I LOVE this. and i wish i would be like this. :/


Kumi is out and the really best of it is , it comes with two eyelidstyles.

One more asian looking and one, which is called creased. So the lid is bigger and liiks more european.

– 8 New Tones: Ivory, Vanilla, Peach, Latte, Hazel, Mocha, Java and Espresso.
– 3-4 Eyebrow color options (depending on the tone): dark, light, brown and red
– Freckle tattoo layer
-18 makeups total (2 per pack)
– Over 30+ Lipsticks on tattoo layers include a variation of mattes, frosts, glazes, and tints. Each lipstick includes a teeth version as well.

– In addition, the „Pure“ makeup includes a „crease“ option which enlarges the upper eyelid to revert it into less of an Asian look if desired.

– The shape featured in the advert is available as well.

9 makeup duos are avaible

/I prefer natural make ups, because it is easier to wear makeuplayers\

u got myself the tones, Ivory,Latte and mocha.

Location:    PINK FUEL


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