Today something important!

Today i saw a post on flickr, which really hooked me and made me wanting to help.

So let’s start.

Many of you maybe have children. All of you have parents. You live in a home and you feel save and you know someone takles care of you and helps you as far as it will be ever possible. You know are loved by someone and that you can come home to stay till you feel better if something goes wrong and you feel alone. BUT some of us don’t have such a big Luck.

What would you think if i tell you, that there are children, that have to fear to be abducted.

If they can’s sleep because they are fearing to get kidnapped?

Girls can’t go out because someone catchs them and turn them into sexslaves.

Parents are afraid to let their children go on their own, because someone comes and takes their sons to give them a gun and making them to CHILD SOLDIERS!!!!

 Do you know this guy?

No? Let me tell you something about him.

He was born around 1961 in Odek, Uganda in Africa. He is the Leader of the LRA –

He kidnapped over 30000 children. His Army of Child Soldiers grows and grows.

It is not just a problem of Uganda or Africa. We are all involved. We need to make this unvisible SICK Man known and visible for everyone. He have to become known like George Clooney, Rihanna , Oprah Winfrey and last but not least BARAK OBAMA . U.S.President .

german: Lord’s Resistance  Army  .

english: Lords’s Resistance Army

french: Lord’s Resistance Army

polski: Lord’s Resistance Army

He turns 51 this year. I want YOU to give him a special gift to his Birthday. ARREST for the REST of his life.

He is on the FIRST place of the most worst criminals list and made himself guilty in 12 points in Crimes against Humanity



– Multilation of Body and Soul

-Froce prostitution

-unhuman actions and many more

But thats not all!!

Guilty in 21 Points of warcrimes!

And he „just“ started. Don’t let him grow more as he did so far.

Help us to make the name KONY famous! Spread the Word everyone shall know Kony and his barbarian „religion“

Join the Joseph Kony Group for Second life.

Feel free to create stuff to blow his name out in this worls and post your ads , artworks and so on there:


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