[ATOMIC] Did it again!

Yush. Atomic, one of my personal favourite stores ever, did a new old Skin. Grace was one of the most requested things for a makeover.

I never was a fan of the old Grace. But the new one turned me on !!!!!!!!! Ivy did two Skin releases in short time. WOOT WOOT. but the quality doesnt go down. I bought Paige , which she released at the begin of this month as hefty pack, but than i realized, that i like the atomic body so much more. Both are great but Atomic rocks me better. Oh btw. I want AUDRI redone !!!!! If it will be done,  very dark Make ups , maybe two or three would be fucking GOOD! like the old one had. 😀


Grace has a pretty asian touch and looks really cute.

I am also not a big fan of skin and shape combos. because the „personal“ thing dies, but i had to get the original shape! okay the body was a bit skinny and pretty short for me , but i fixed the body and now i am happy like i was since felt like forever.

Make Ups:

A: Minimal

B: Koi

C: Joy

D: Tranquility

E: Mood

F: Sakura

G: Twilight

H: Orchid

I: Lady

J: Waterlily

Each skin 800 Lindens

per Set 3000 L

As member of the VIP group you get 5 % as StoreCredits

Set 1 includes: Lady , Koi, Orchid, Sakura, Waterlily

Set 2 includes: Minimal, Joy, Tranquility, Moody, Twilight

Taxi to your new skin 


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