I found A Hugo and Hugo found me

I am in love with military and latex stuff. thats not a secret, but my new BIG Love is HUGO Designs. Man Gorgeous Stuff.!

There are unfortunatly not many good Letexdesigners. Just a few and Hugo is one of the Kingsclass.

I am proud to Present you some of the newest stuff. 😛

My Models are JessicaAlejandra Radikal (Brunette) Me (blackhaired) and Lovelessdoll Claven ( blonde).

The shooting was long and fun.



Skin: Al Vulo – Sunkissed- Sally – natural

Eyes: LuckInc – Green

Hair: I’ll tell you later if i remember:D

Piercing: uhmmmm let me recherche!

Boots: Tesla!

Corset Outfit : Xyx Corset – Black Latex Body with Red Trim – Hugo’s Design (without corset worn)

Mask:  Hoods & Masquerade Mask Collection RED 



Skin: Al Vulo – Vero – Peach – Black2

Hair. Ploom – Mimi – A little of everything (<3 Thank you ) @ Vintagefair

Eyes: Luckinc – Steelblue

Boots:  *KaS* Ballet Boots – Inclusive ColorHUD

Outfit: Xyx Corset – Black Latex Body with White Trim – Hugo’s Design

Mask:  Hoods & Masquerade Mask Collection WHITE



Hair: uhmm dunno:D

Skin: Al Vulo – Sally – Porcelaine – Natural2Clevenge (i guess)

Shoes: [PM] Pixel Mode’s Baby T“s – Plain Black

Outfit: Xyx Corset – Black Latex Body with Babypink Trim – Hugo’s Design






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