Fuck you like an Animal, oh… wait like a Rockstar

Yesterday i talked with Bouncer Criss. He become a friend and i asked him for posting my [W]ynter Play That Pants, that i’ve created for the second round of the Perfect Wardrobe. It is a new Event, which goes 2 weeks than comes the nect round. Every Round is Themerelated, so the Designer, who are participating can be Creative with an inspiration. I loves the theme of this round : MUSIC.

I love classical Music like Mozart and Bach. Also i love Black Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal and so on. But i wanted to be a Groupie forever. HAHA. A Bouncer let me be one . So thankies Dear 😀

My Pants are Black mit Pianokeys on the left leg and red Buttons AND come in Skinny cut. I hate those bloated legs of pants for men. -.-*

Guys! So me a favour and show more body. Skinny pants are not GAY. They are fabulous and totally sexy! Look @ da Bouncer!

I am Wearing :

Skin: Belleza ~ Chloe~ SK – 02 ( hurry up, they have a SALE!!!!!)

Shape: By my Self  – White Trash Barbie ( Not avaible)

Eyes: [LeLutka] Ellis Eyes – Cocoa (M)

Hair: b. – Maddison 2  – b1

Tattoo: Aitui ( i will tell you later )

Open mouth: [PXL] Open Mouth

Belt: X-Dreams ( dunno if it is still avaible. Bought it 2 years ago lol)

Pants: [W] Play That Pants by Noemi Azambuja @ the Perfect wordrobe.

Shoes: ( you cant see) N*Core – Femme- Passion red


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