Haelvi Witch – ::RS:: – Teaser THREE

actually i call it  “ The White Panther – a Legend of GOR“ because the Woman looks strong, mighty and a bit arrogant. She seems to be pround for being what and who she is. My personal favourite!!

i have to rant abit about SOME skincreator. Maybe they should buy a calender and hang it up!!!!!!!!!!!If someone says in July ( the july had just started)that she will release the Skin in september and it isnt released in Octobre yet, i have to think about, if it is right to give this person my lindens. I am a bit angry because i am waiting like i gues other 700 persons. The last skin Realease lasted 9!!! months if not longer.

DEAR beloved Skincreator. PLS hurry up. That isn’t a clever marketingstrategy. Making the Peeps waiting makes them Angry but not greedy. I got the PRE Release on the BakeSale and i was in love. perfection isnt all. Humans love things for their mistakes not their perfection. ;)( PS: That is no BITCH UP just my Opinion. It is cheeky to say something and not to do ! :P)

(my best Pic EVER)


SkiN: [PF] Alyx <Pearl> – Bakesale Prelease – Static (sorry not avaible anymore. we have to pray for the Grace of God till Mochi released the official Skin in 2 years XD……. oh and i am saving my lindens. so iw illbuy ALL fatpack at one time for sure !)

Shape: my Owhon ( sorry)

Brandmark: same like Teaser – ::Ravensoul:: TWO

Eyes: <<< np >>> Glass eyes –  MAD ( not sure if they are still avaible)

Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Marina Roots/Silver


Scarf: [LeLutka] Editorial Scarves ( i am wearing the white one. just made the belt invisible. it needs just a little adjustment )


Pose : Manifique . Barbarian Warrior 


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