*Coco* I love you!

okay. i waited a LOOOONg time but today is the 23rd octobre and the Dollsection from *coco* opened its gates.

I said i will never use the meshviewers, but here i am with the Best !!!!!!!!!! Jointedball Avatar you will ever find in Second life.

Since it is mesh, the Doll makes every move you want. and poses are perfect. you dont have to change your AO because you are scared to look bad.

You have to join the update group for the dolls to get the Body. But this is for FREE!!!! You can choose of many heads. I took Lily. I like the fucked up look around the eyes and the pouty fucking hawt mounth. A head comes for 450! lindens. that is a deal you can’t no.

Just check it out!



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