25 L Fall Fete – GOGOGO


Today started the 2nd Fall Fete. This Fete lasts 1!!!!! Week

This Event is for Rolaplayers in the Gorean and Fantasy Scene. Every Store, which participates has one 25 Linden at least.

Many many nice shops hav gathered to present their newest stuff and give you the greatest deals of the year.

It doen’t matter if you are a Free Woman, Slave, Free Man, She-Urt also, if you are Highcasted or member of the low castes.

You are a Valkyrie or a Viking? A Lady or a Lord? Come on over and grab your specials. 😛

Facts about 25L Tuesdays:
* 25L Tuesdays is a group of merchants dedicated to delivering quality products to our customers and to supporting each other.
* It is one of the original sales group in Second Life.
* The first round of 25LT was on September 29, 2009.
* During two years the group has grown to more than 60 stores and over 12,000 members who receive the weekly sales list.

My Personal Favourites on the event:

  1. GemDesigns
  2. Gorgurls
  3. On a Lark
  4. Painfully Devine
  5. Ripped
  6. Rowenwood
  7. Saeela
  8. Severed Heart Designs
  9. Sweet Poison
  10. TailleurPutain ( Attention SelfAD)
  11. Returned Karma ( Small corner in the TailleursPutain Tent)
  12. XANADU Clothing
And many more stores are waiting for you.
In my Store you get ALMOST ALL for 25 Lindens. After the Fete all will be avaible for the Regular price like 349 Linden per Outfit!

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